Join a group of

People You Trust

to get things done. is a task communication and management system for Fathom Realty agents and the people they know and trust to communicate needs, negotiate pay, monitor progress, and document the entire process. Offices can create a thriving invitation-only group that’s made up of agents and service providers. It’s free to post and respond to requests for help.

Communicate with trusted

Service Providers

to get work done.

Real estate agents and reliable service providers benefit each other’s business by effectively solving problems related to contract required home repairs. Challenges arise when busy agents and service providers need to communicate repair details, quotes, and schedules. Fathom Realty has many agents. Each agent has several trusted service providers, combined, you have thousands. Create a trusted network and post your needs in one place.

Work with other

Fathom Realty Agents

to level out the extremes

As agents, we’ve all experienced insanely busy times and incredibly slow times. It’s most difficult to enjoy your job when you’re either too busy or too slow. You don’t have enough time one month or enough money the next. It’s stressful living in the extremes.

Fathom Connexus is a tool you can use to level out the extremes. If you’re so busy that you’re stressed out, you can post tasks that agents who aren’t as busy can do for you. Leveling out the extremes works best for everyone.

Steps to use Fathom Connexus

  • 01


    Select "join Fathom Connexus" or "create an account.

  • 02


    Invite other agents and service providers to join Fathom Connexus.

  • 03


    Use words, pictures, video, budget, and deadline to describe your need.

  • 04


    Service providers will respond with offers to help. Payment can be online or invoiced.

  • 05


    For future reference, you will always have a record of every step of your transaction.